This week sees the first advertisements for The Mercy Contracts.

Without a doubt, the hardest part of self-publishing is the promotion and marketing. In the three years since I released The Philanthropist's Danse the eBook phenomenon has exploded and many of the lessons I learned and things that helped make the first book successful no longer apply.

Many of the book blog reviewers who agreed to read The Philanthropist's Danse and share their thoughts with potential readers are gone, their domains no longer valid, perhaps swamped under a tsunami of requests from authors desperate to find any outlet that will put their title in front of an audience.

Twitter once worked, but no
t so much any longer. I have a Facebook Page where I am happy to post news and engage with readers, and that's the one place that does seem to work, though I need to post more often.

With the
book blogs under siege and social networking having reached a point where a lot of people are turned off by incessant and (trust me) awkward self-promotion, paid advertisements are the best option to get a new release in front of readers.

It's an investment, and a leap of faith.

Time will tell if it works or not, but should you have come to this post from reading my work, please consider doing the one thing that works all the time - write an honest review.
At the time of writing The Philanthropist's Danse has over 100 five-star reviews and a few stinkers too. Many readers have taken a chance and spent their money based on what others thought of my book, and there is no such thing as too many reviews.

So whether you loved what you read or hated it, say something and let the word spread.



I am sure that this promotion will help you very much! Thanks for sharing

01/07/2017 9:01pm

Self-publishing of your own book is the hardest part. Many authors are also teachers, business people, retirees, consultants, electricians, military, lawyers, doctors, and so on. They have expertise in their own field, but they don’t know how book publishing works. They have no grasp of the whole book publishing process.
Ideally, some authors end up hiring a book shepherd or publishing consultant. Most try to figure it out by reading, talking to friends, and asking questions. Understanding the sequence of events in publishing a book should be your first task when you decide to self-publish.

07/30/2015 1:56am

It's bad, I know, that it's been over a year and I still haven't gotten myself a copy. I am also not sure what's keeping me from doing it, perhaps the reviews of some who have kind of set me off. Anyway, I would want to do you some service. I'll get myself a copy and will try to come up with a good review.


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02/04/2016 6:25am

I loved what I read :)

04/22/2016 2:12am

Twitter worked only for once? Omg, it's strange!

06/07/2016 3:32pm

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07/01/2016 11:02pm

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07/06/2016 12:37am

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07/21/2016 9:16am

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